Measure the benefits of                                      sustaining what you already own

After several years working in the office furniture industry, Robert Elwine recognised that companies were not always making best use of the valuable furniture assets that they were purchasing. To minimise the effects of wear and tear on heavily used office furniture and carpets he began offering care and maintenance services in 1992.  These services proved to greatly extend the lifespan of furnishings, reducing the need for replacement.  We are proud that over the last two decades our services have enabled companies, including global leaders in the telecoms, soft-drink and banking industries, to make substantial financial and environmental savings.

Our services can help your organisation to:

  • Maximise the lifespan of office furnishings
  • Improve resource efficiency by preventing waste
  • Cut procurement and waste expenditure
  • Increase opportunities for reuse
  • Enhance corporate image and employee satisfaction

“By saving us from having to buy new office furniture and carpets, Sustain Onsite have reduced our use of natural resources, reduced our costs and reduced our waste. Visitors often comment on our soft furnishings, asking if they’re new, even though they’re over ten years old.”  – Jan James, Facilities Manager, Prosidion Pharmaceuticals