Keep track of furniture assets with an                   audit and lifespan analysis

A specialist report of the condition and status of office furniture assets can help assist effective decision making to ensure a maximised lifespan of your office furniture.  Our team can efficiently and accurately assess the condition of all office furniture and provide a detailed audit report.  Whilst assessing the operational condition of individual components our technicians can also, if required, rectify any faults that are found.  The level of servicing that we provide during an audit can be completely tailored to your requirements.  Substantial financial and environmental savings can be made when the lifespan of furniture assets is monitored and optimised and an audit is a great place to start.  Our team work quickly and efficiently in a flexible variety of working environments and will provide you with a report once the audit is complete, which will include a calculation of the financial and environmental savings achievable through an extended product lifespan.

Our auditing services include:

  • Full furniture inventory auditing
  • Operational condition assessment
  • Task chair ‘health check’
  • Rectification of faulty components and fixings
  • Detailed reporting of the condition and status of furniture assets