Optimise the condition of your office furniture         for an improved product lifespan

Our team of skilled service technicians carry out a wide range of repair services to optimise the operational condition of office furniture assets, using existing materials and components where possible.  Our onsite teams are fully equipped to inspect and rectify components, mechanisms and fixings.  In addition we supply warrantied replacement parts where necessary, from our network of leading suppliers.

Our repair services include:

  • Pneumatic height cylinders adjusted and cleaned
  • Mechanisms rectified and lubricated
  • Specialist leather feed and polishing
  • Desk scratch and scuff removal and polishing
  • Onsite rectification and repair of runners, casters and other components
  • Welding of broken metal parts
  • Powder coating, re-spraying and re-finishing
  • Warrantied replacement of chair components from our network of leading suppliers, including gas lifts, castors, chair mechanisms, foam, arm-pads and tube inserts


Our teams are equipped to service a range of furniture including all makes and models of office seating and can carry out warrantied component replacement.


We specialise in deep cleaning, pile lifting and deodorising many types of modern office flooring and carpets, helping to optimise and refresh office environments.